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New Version of Epicor Eclipse ERP Solution for Wholesale Distributors Now Available

Demand Forecasting, Purchasing and Billing Features Added

Epicor Software Corporation, a global leader in business software solutions for manufacturing, distribution, retail and services organizations, today announced the general availability of version 8.7.9 of its wholesale distribution enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, Epicor Eclipse.

The new version has many added features to help distributors become more efficient, profitable, and competitive. Demand Forecasting, Purchasing and Billing are the main themes of Epicor Eclipse version 8.7.9, including:  

Advanced Demand Forecasting

Exponential Smoothing, the Holt, and Holt-Winters models enable better planning based on item trend behavior and seasonality. Multiple forecasting methods can be calculated and stored for side-by-side comparison of demand planning “what if” scenarios, allowing selection of the method that best fits the item. At various intervals, graphical representations comparing each forecasting method to actual demand can be created to validate which method truly represents the best inventory demand forecast.

Purchasing Decision Enhancements

The line buy can now be calculated for secondary targets as well as primary. When additional discount opportunities are available or price increases are imminent, scenarios regarding Return-On-Added-Investment (ROAI) can be viewed to aid in making the best purchasing decisions for the business.

The new Suggested PO Workbench provides the application of purchasing suggestions into a configurable, sortable queue that allows for the addition of columns of information needed for review, quantity changes, or the addition and deletion of items. The results of any changes, such as contribution to target and overall dollars, can be viewed in real time to aid in purchasing decisions before converting suggestions to actual purchase orders.

The new User-Defined Queue creator is an answer to Epicor Eclipse customers' requests to see and fix opportunities within the product file, but also provides many more capabilities. Leveraging Eclipse files and dictionaries, data can be selected for any Eclipse file for review, organized into columns of relevant information, and updated right in the queue. In addition, the User-Defined Queue creator offers the new capability to solve issues such as items with no weight where the Buy Line Target is pounds, items whose Buy Package is greater than 60 days' supply, or Min's and Max's that are about to expire.

“The User-Defined Queue in Epicor Eclipse version 8.7.9 has made it easier for us to maintain our product file data, especially editing newly created products,” said Jerry Espeseth, systems operations manager at Echo Group Inc., an electrical distributor based in Council Bluffs, Iowa. “And the ROAI feature added to the Suggested PO Queue will help us make better purchasing decisions for special buys and price increase purchases.”

Progress Billing

Progress Billing is powerful new functionality to bill customers independently of shipping the material to them. Catering to electrical and plumbing distributors, it is ideal for billing based on the stage of a project as a replacement for Single Invoicing, or it can be used to manage an installment payment plan.

For more information on Epicor Eclipse, call 1.800.776.7438 to speak with an Epicor solutions specialist, or e-mail

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