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Multistore Independent Pharmacy Streamlines Operations with New Technology

SaluMed Pharmacy leverages the Epicor Eagle N Series solution to focus on multistore integration

Founded in 1989, SaluMed Pharmacy operates two locations that have always centered on the primary goal of fulfilling the needs of the central Long Island, N.Y., community and its Hispanic market — labeling products and prescriptions in Spanish, featuring Spanish-language consultations, and offering translation services.

In January 2018, SaluMed Pharmacy began leveraging the Epicor Eagle N Series retail pharmacy management solution to focus on multistore integration, customer centricity, reducing pricing and inventory errors, and improving business reporting.

“We’ve always been a technology-savvy business, and see the value in an integrated point of sale (POS) system. We had been using a ‘home grown’ system as our POS solution that, over the last few years, hadn’t been able to fulfill business needs. The restricted functionality of that solution was gravely limiting our ability to improve the business,” says Tomas Diaz, owner, SaluMed Pharmacy. “We implemented the robust Epicor Eagle N Series solution to gain efficiency, improve customer service, utilize business analytics data, increase customer loyalty, enhance promotional pricing, and especially, take advantage of its multistore capabilities that fit our business.”

Seamless Pharmacy and Retail Integration

The pharmacy business is no longer exclusively about prescriptions — steadily, pharmacies are becoming more and more reliant on front-end retail operations to maintain margins, fuel growth, and — perhaps most importantly — meet the growing expectations of their customers. They must efficiently and effectively manage their front-end inventory to maximize profits and optimize competitive pricing to drive front-end growth. Inventory management, pricing, and planning are critical to the business.

“We’re a business that has high-volume front-end operations. Eagle N Series software helps us manage our multistore format more easily,” adds Diaz. “With our previous solution, consistency with pricing and inventory in both locations was a continuous struggle. Completing inventory transfers and manual entry between stores was also difficult and a very fragmented process. Now with Epicor, once we update prices and inventory count in the system, it seamlessly and instantaneously updates that information across the business. This keeps us accurate and consistent for our customers and finances — encouraging optimal business growth.”

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