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Austin, TX,
03:00 PM

Hefner Ace Hardware Plans for Growth with Epicor Eagle N Series

Nebraska Hardware Retailer Implements Epicor Technology to Streamline Operations and Enable Expansion

Epicor Software Corporation, a global provider of industry-specific enterprise software to promote business growth, announced today that Hefner Ace Hardware has deployed the Epicor Eagle N Series® solution as its new retail business management platform to improve inventory management and expand the business.

A family-owned, independent hardware retail business since 1981, Hefner Ace Hardware serves Bloomfield, Neb. with hardware products, appliances, home repair services, and more.

The business has seen significant changes over the last few years including a change in ownership, becoming an Ace Hardware dealer, and, most recently, moving from ECi RockSolid POS® to Epicor Eagle N Series software.

“Since becoming an Ace dealer in 2015, we have tripled our inventory and now maintain 30,000 SKUs. Because of that jump in our inventory levels, we needed a system that was better equipped for inventory management and analysis. With Eagle N Series software, we hope to minimize carrying costs and maximize our profitability, while gaining deep insight into our business that will help us grow.”
Jason Hefner, Owner, Hefner Ace Hardware

Technology Tools to Drive Retail Growth

Hefner Ace Hardware’s previous system lacked a host of features including overall support, Ace-specific capabilities, security, and multi-store functionality, all of which discouraged business expansion. “One of our business goals is to add a second location within five years. This is impossible without a strong foundation to build on. With Eagle N Series, our business now has the right tools to support this endeavor. It is better protected with an actual server; the Ace catalog and respective data is seamlessly integrated into the software, allowing quick and easy access; we get quality support, when we need it; and, when we are ready to move forward with a new location, the software will grow with us,” said Hefner.

“Hefner Ace Hardware is a business with its strategy centered on business improvements and growth,” said Doug Smith, director, product marketing, retail and distribution, Epicor Software. “We understand the challenges that independent retailers face on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Epicor Eagle N Series is a robust solution built with these challenges in mind. We are pleased to be Hefner Ace Hardware’s selected technology partner and look forward to supporting the business entirely.”

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