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Epicor Eagle Gift and List Registry Supports Next-Generation Omni-Channel Customer Engagement for Independent Retailers

Small to Medium Retailers Can Now Converge Digital and In-store Worlds to Boost Sales and Customer Loyalty with Wish List, Project List, Shopping List and Gift Registry Capabilities

Epicor Software Corporation, a global leader in business software solutions for manufacturing, distribution, retail and services organizations, today announced availability of its Gift and List Registry solution for Epicor Eagle N Series, a comprehensive retail business management system built for today’s independent retail businesses.

A long-time retail mainstay, gift list registries such as wedding and baby registries have contributed substantially over the years to retailers’ revenues -- providing a platform to communicate and catalog the wants and needs of intended recipients. Now Epicor Eagle retailers can extend this same convenience to their consumers -- to differentiate their business through a value-added service normally offered only by large, mass-market retailers.

The Epicor Eagle Gift and List Registry solution provides independent retailers with the means to support seamless customer engagement spanning online and offline retail environments and deliver curated product sets to cater to different customer segments. 

The solution enables consumers to develop their own gift list registry from items sold at a given retailer which can be shared publicly or made private for the consumer’s own use. Eagle Gift and List Registry gives retailers the means to support life events such as newlyweds purchasing a new home, and foster community support for non-profit renovation projects for charities, churches, or schools. 

Retailers can give consumers a head start by pre-configuring commonly used lists for projects, events, and pursuits relevant to the retailers’ market and product inventory. 

Additional resources such as “how to” videos can be added to the solution to further support the customer’s journey by demonstrating how to successfully leverage available products to complete whatever project is at hand -- whether that is a kitchen remodel, deck staining, or fixing a leaky plumbing fixture. This helps retailers be more responsive to customer needs, which in turn help increase sales, attract new customers, and cultivate stronger customer loyalty.

“The best way to make your store relevant is to show how your products support a consumer’s specific journey,” said Doug Smith, director of product management & marketing for Eagle Retail, Epicor Software Corporation. “Epicor Eagle Gift and List Registry gives small to medium retailers the ability to attract new customers with a value-added service, and expand brand reach when consumers share lists with friends, relatives or associates. It also helps boost sales and revenues and supports an improved customer experience by ‘packaging’ up project lists in a convenient way that ensures customers have everything they need to complete a project -- including how-to instructions.”

To learn more about Epicor Eagle Gift and List Registry and to sign up for a free technology consultation, call +1.888.463.4700, or email

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